The Real Impact of Hormonal Birth Control

The impact of hormonal birth control on women's bodies is real. Education is key, like most things. Here are just a few facts to consider...

- BC depletes women of vital nutrients, the nutrients that promotes healthy hormones.

- It puts a bandaid on your PMS but imagine it continues to build under it, making worse in the long term and causing new issues.

- Pill bleeds are not real periods, they are withdrawal from natural hormones bleeds.

- Anxiety/depression could be caused longterm BC use.

- Digestive issues can increase with the pill as it affects the lining and bacteria in the gut. - Hormonal BC is shown to lower sexual desire. Sexual desire shows your health is thriving and BC depletes that.

These are just a few things to reflect on. There are more natural/non-hormonal birth control options. Want to learn more? Reach out, I’m always happy to help! Much much love~ Katie