Warm Kale and Chicken Salad

Did you know raw veggies and fruits alone can cause stomach upset such as gas/ bloating and heart burn? By putting cold foods into the digestive track, your body has to pull resources from other areas to warm the food. If you love your salads you can sip on hot tea or what about a warm salad? Sound gross? Not at all, trust me! Slightly cooked veggies aid in digestion while sealing in all the nutrients. 

I love this simple warm kale and chicken salad. The warmth makes me feel fuller faster with no stomach upset. 

What you need:

- One bunch of kale

- A handful of green beans

- 2 Tablespoons coconut oil

- Half of a lemon squeezed

- Half of an avocado

- Leftover chicken

- Two slices of cooked bacon

- salt and pepper

- 1 ts Italian seasoning 

- Dash of garlic powder

- Optional goat cheese, avocado and sunflower seeds for topping

Clean and chop Kale and green beans. Throw green beans in a skillet with coconut oil and seasonings, cook for a few mins. Add kale till it begins to soften. Remove and pour into bowl. Top with chicken, lemon, bacon, avocado and anything extra that sounds yummy to you. Enjoy!

Katie Hale