Eat the Damn Cookie

I've had some thoughts stirring in me. Thoughts on food and hows it's looked upon in todays society. In past posts I've touched on exercise and acceptance. But let's chat about food. 

I often make nutritional plans for my patients targeting various health concerns. I come from a place of healing not of deprivation. I do believe in the healing powers of food. I do believe in transformation. BUT I do believe in living life. If that means you are a few pounds more, I say F* it! The affects of stress on the body are too significant and cause health conditions in itself. Did you know your metabolism slows with increased stress? One of the reasons is stress puts us in our Fight or Flight mode; this constricts blood flow, increases our heart rate and slows digestion.

Isn't life all about slowing down, appreciating and savoring? So what if you sit down to an "indulgent" meal? Will it ruin you, goodness no! I would say eating that piece of cake makes you real. Come on guys, no one is perfect (who wants to be)! Please stop beating yourself up, come from a place of love. I know in todays society we are bombarded with body shaming, lets begin to move towards body love. It's hard going from loathing your body to loving it. Let's make a step in the right direction and just be neutral. 

I am so tired of people picking apart their bodies...only 10 pounds more and I will be happy. Or I hate my chubby belly or oh god my thighs. STOP IT, you are all so beautiful. Who wants to waste time worry about some extra pounds. If you are healthy and you don't need to lose weight for health reasons, who cares! Love is always where it's at.

Enjoy life, eat the damn cookie.