Bring on the CoQ10, why to take it for Fertility?

Oh the power of CoQ10! Recent studies have shown just how important this molecule is to preserving egg quality as well as fertility. There are multiple benefits to this supplement from headache/migraine reduction to cardiovascular health along with reversing some of the decline in egg quality. This is particularly beneficial for my mom's starting at 30.   

So how does it help? Quite simply CoQ10 is critical for energy production by the "power plants" in our cells mitochondria. It plays a vital role in the electron transport chain which is like the voltage inside the cell. As we age our mitochondria becomes damaged, like an less efficient "power plant." Aging eggs have structural damage in the mitochondria, these eggs begin to have an energy decline. There is evidence building this leads to premature ovarian insufficiency. Having well functioning mitochondria is now widely regarded as a hallmark of egg quality. It should be noted, poor energy production has been linked to problematic affects on early embryo survival.

Multiple studies have shown taking CoQ10 increase energy production in cells and increasing pregnancy rates. This is also beneficial for IVF cycles increasing follicles containing mature eggs and eggs that give rise to high grade embryos. 

Want more info on dosage for fertility? Come on in and we will get you squared away!

Much love~ Katie