Feminism in Healthcare, the Right to be Heard

Katie rant time...Women's Health, this is not just about women's organs it’s the whole body. More and more research is coming out about the physiological difference between men and women's bodies. With that said women are still not being included enough in research studies as men still have a heavy hand in the numbers. To top that, how can we safely take a variety of medication when it's mostly tested on men? Women make up the majority of autoimmune disease, undiagnosed imbalances and have more reactions/side affects to meds.

If our bodies are so different, why are medical studies recognizing this and advocating for more women based studies? Don't get me wrong, there is progress and change in the last 20 years as women were not even included in clinical testing till the 90's (think about birth control and when it started).

Too many women have been told what they experience in their bodies are meant to be suffered in silence and without investigation. Did you know on average it takes 7-8 doctors to be diagnosis with an autoimmune disease in women? Women and their health issues are more likely to be categorized as a mental imbalance. The term "hysteria" is still a bias many doctors use today, with male or female docs.

THIS, this must stop. Every single person has the right to be heard and listened to and researched and not just given an antidepressant! And no, not everything is in your head. Change must happen.

All I can say is simply speak up, educate, research, ask questions and advocate for yourself! Reach out to providers that care and listen and take action. Much love and empowerment~ Katie

PS: Know what the least tested group out there is? Pregnant women. Only 10% of meds during pregnancy have actually been tested on pregnant women 🤯