The Greatly Overlooked Endometriosis

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month.

One in ten women have endometriosis and it takes 6-8 doctors to come up with that diagnosis. Endometriosis is on the rise and is changing the lives of many women. This inflammatory disease is where the cells from your uterus start growing on the outside of your womanly organs, such as ovaries to uterus to even breast tissue. This tissue causes scaring and thick tissue leading to painful periods, painful ovulation, nausea, fatigue, severe PMS, migraines, diarrhea/constipation and much more.

No more is it okay to stock up “women issues” as something we just have to live with, I hate hearing doctors saying “it sucks to be a women.” And no ladies, this is not all in your head.

So what are the causes? There is no one thing but a multitude of factors but it all comes back to inflammation. Everything from toxins to diet to emotional trauma to increased cortisol lead to inflammation. Have questions? I’m here loves~ Katie