Truth: When it comes to Supplements and Herbs there is No One Size Fits All.

Let’s get some things clear loves...

In this day in age we have full access to knowledge. The holistic medicine traditions are becoming more mainstream and I would debate to say “cool.” This is amazing as we can take our health in our own hands. With that said PLEASE use caution and use a qualified practitioner guiding you to find what works for your body and your constitution.

Social media is a vast place of information. BUT it can be so misleading. Someone might have a beautiful page and/or products with thousands of likes but have no real background in holistic medicine.

Remarkably, a lot of damage can be done. Let’s say this, I’ll have 2 patients walk into my office with the same symptom. How I would treat one is different than the other, this is because no body is the same even with the same presentation of symptoms.

I often get asked by friends, the person making my coffee, people online and friends of friends should I be taking this supplement/herb, it worked great for my uncle? The answer is maybe. I need to have them come in and we do a full assessment of their health. This way we get the whole picture, not just a small piece. But Katie come on, can I really do harm if I take some magnesium? Definitely not but are you taking the right kind? Do you have issues with diarrhea? How much is too much?There is a strategy to this.

Herbs is a whole another realm. I do encourage you to only take them under the care of a knowledgable practitioner. Herbs are very complex with over 300 formulas and you can even modify them from there! They can do wonders but need to take into account your constitution.

I say all of this with my love, happy healthy living y’all~ Katie