So What is Cupping?

Who loves cupping? ‍ This ancient Chinese medicine practice is making headway in the health community. So what does it do?

Cupping is used to ease muscle spasms and tension, reduce pain, speed healing of injuries, releases toxins and stimulates the immune system. It literally breaks up muscle adhesions (knots), it's like 5 massages at once! By removing oxygen from a glass cup, cupping creates a suction seal to the skin. The suction draws the skin up into the cup, flushing the tissue with circulation (of Qi, blood, lymph drainage). The cups can be kept stationary or moved to cover large areas. Cupping can leave temporary marks, but these will fade more quickly than a true bruise. Each treatment will see further reduction in bruising, showing the body healing. Bye bye, pain!

I love cupping women mid-cycle to right before their period to help with PMS, it’s wonderful to release toxins from things like PCOS and Endometriosis. Plus it feels amazing and brings real relief to muscle pain!

Cupping anyone? I got you~ Katie