Endometriosis, it's a Systemic Inflammation Disorder

Endometriosis, who has it? ‍♀️ It’s one complicated disorder with more and more suffering from it. Most have to go on the pill to relieve pain (but it just builds under that “bandaid”) or some poor souls have to have the surgery to remove tissue (and man sometimes it helps!). Did you know there are varying degrees of endo? Did you know you can slow the progression and bring true relief?

Endometriosis is a estrogen dominate disorder. There are so many factors that play into this from environmental to increase cortisol. I won’t get into the nerdy details but too much estrogen plays a bully to progesterone to where it can’t rise. Healthy progesterone levels decrease inflammation, pain, PMS, bloating and general endo symptoms.

There is help my endo’s. Lifestyle changes, targeted supplements, diet, herbs to break up the tissue and acupuncture all slow the progression. Unfortunately there is no east fix and every body is different.

Quick tip, reduce sugar/carbs to ease the  inflammation. These make insulin fire which wreaks havoc on the body.  Higher levels of insulin are associated with lower levels of SHBG, which is a protein that binds to the sex hormones. Basically on a long chain of hormone changes, it all gets turned into Estrogen.

Have questions? I’m here and please remember every body is different and needs different support. Much love~Katie