Natural solutions to Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne, who hasn’t had it?

You’ve been here before. You are in your 20-40’s and you are still breaking out. You can get on the pill to “control” it (leading to further issues) or are put on extreme meds that literally dry up your hormones. No thank you!

So how can you balance your skin naturally? I got you sweet things. Here are a few simple tips...but please remember everyone is different and reach out for individualized needs.

1- Take Magnesium, Zinc and a B Complex as we are naturally depleted in these (oh and the pill makes it much worse).

2- Eat loads of healthy fats as these balance our hormones because fats make our skin and body happy. Love me some collagen and bone broth for that glow.

3- Get your cycle regular. Healthy cycle, healthy woman.

4- Please use natural skin care products as chemicals can lead to further issues not only with your skin but your hormones and so much more!

Got more questions? Reach out, I got loads more to give. Much love~ Katie