Lets get real about Aunt Flow!

Did you know your period alone says so much about your overall health? Did you know you could have a cycle free of pain, irritability, cravings, breast distention or heavy bleeding? This stuff is not "normal" and can be fixed with acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle changes. Say what?!?!

As women it's so important to have a regular cycle. First building up a thick uterine lining, follow by the release of the egg and then shedding your uterine lining all balances and regulates hormones. Cycling around 28 days, bleeding for 4-5 days, no pain, no clots and no PMS...this can be done and I can help!

I first educate my patients on the impact of diet on the cycle. For example, during and right after your period you eat foods to replenish your blood. By adding acupuncture to your life it increases blood flow to the uterus preventing pain as well as balancing hormones. Last but not least, kick-ass Chinese herbs to regulate the cycle, promote optimal ovulation, build blood, relieve irritability and stop pain. Aunt Flow will be a welcomed visitor!