Seasonal Allergies, Yes there is Hope!

Springtime, it's my favorite time of year but there is those who suffer through the beauty! The silent or not so silent sneezing, coughing, itching, draining...the madness! Allergies, they are vicious. But there is hope, we are here to help. 

Acupuncture with prescription grade herbs kick those nasty allergies to the curb, boom! Acupuncture naturally stimulates the immune system and increases blood flow to the sinuses. No more allergy meds needed, Chinese herbs work just as well and are safe to take. 

At True North we offer everything for full blown 60 min acupuncture treatments to quick 30 min allergry tune ups. These quick tune ups allow multiple treatments a week if needed for our hardcore sufferers. For follow up treatments, these are only $40 per treatment. 

Call now and get relief so you too can frolic and play! Much love~ Katie