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Safe, gentle and effective, this is what we strive for here at True North. Our mommies and babies are treated with the upmost care, bringing relief to the side effects of pregnancy. Pregnancy is natural and empowering, we believe giving our patients the tools to enjoy this life changing experience.  

Katie’s comprehensive approach to treating prenatal and postpartum conditions allows her to address the root of the problem and to offer safe, holistic alternatives to new or soon-to-be mothers. Treatments use peri-natal acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle counseling to give our mommies some love.

Offering natural, alternative treatment options for a range of pregnancy conditions, including: 

  • Recurrent Miscarriage, or Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) 

  • Morning Sickness

  • Heartburn

  • Constipation

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

  • Back, Hip, and Pelvic Pain

  • Fatigue and Exhaustion

  • Anemia

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Thrush and Vaginal Discharge

  • Itching

  • Sinusitis

  • Pre-Eclampsia

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Edema

  • Breech Presentation

  • Labor Induction

Katie offers a unique, holistic perspective on your health journey and a refreshing alternative to the traditional medicine used to treat women’s health and pregnancy.

So, let's discover your health's true north, together. Call or email us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.