Let's Get Real about Sperm

Fertility, it’s a two way street. Let’s chat about the guys. 

Did you know that quality of sperm is more important than quantity? Did you know miscarriages happen not only from female factors but also male? Poor sperm quality increases chance of miscarriage and significantly lowers chance of conception.

Like seriously, male sperm counts keep declining. Sperm quality/quantity have decreased 3 fold in the past 50 years. I know, scary stuff. When sperm gets tested they compare it to others today, therefore making men feel like they are good. But if I had to give the sperm “normal” of today a grade it would be a D, nearly passing. Guys it takes two to tango, 50/50 split to be exact. 

Guys let’s support your partner and all they are doing to increase chances by doing your part. So what can be done? Changing environmental, lifestyle and dietary factors can do wonders! And you know what’s great? This can get things rocking after only a few months of change!! Also, I challenge you to spice things up in the bedroom, connect and make your partner feel heard and special. The more connected you two are during sex, the more fertile you will both be. It’s all about quality of sex over how often. No need to have sex every day as sperm stays inside the lady up to 3-4 days. Remember, you are making life and let it come from deep connection. Happy healthy swimmers~ Katie