Ovulation, the Most Important Event in your Cycle

Ovulation, it’s the most important part of your cycle. But why?

It’s the only way to have a luteal phase and make progesterone. Did you know most women are walking around with an estrogen dominance and a progesterone deficiency? An anovulatory cycle (without ovulation) can have break through bleeding that can mimic a real period. This happens when there is too much estrogen and no progesterone.

How can you tell if you have a anovulatory cycle? First off with no or low progesterone PMS increases leading to breast distention, irritability and cramps. But the real indicator is how long your cycle is...short cycle (24 days or less), long cycle (45 days or longer) and long period bleeds (more than 7 days). You can always test for ovulation to be sure.

Diet, supplements, herbs and stress management can do wonders to get a healthy ovulation going. Happy healthy cycling~ Katie