Amenorrhea, No Period is Not a Good Thing Ladies!

Are you missing your period? No period for months or even years? You are not alone, many women are walking around with Amenorrhea. Many I like score, no period is amazing and I feel you! But what is your body trying to tell you?

Amenorrhea is your body trying to call out for help. Did you know that when you have no period it means your not ovulating and this is a key into your overall health? This means you are not producing enough estrogen and progesterone which are curtail to women's overall health. Women have lack of periods due to low body fat, stress, endocrine disorders and birth controls. Your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.

So what are the effects of no period? Estrogen and Progesterone aid in the rhythm of our bodies as women. Not only do you need them for a healthy cycle, they deposit into various organs in the body. The biggest one is our bones. Women who go without a period for extended period of time have substantial bone loss, something you can’t get back. There is an major risk of developing Osteoporosis very early. No period also effects our muscles, women who have no period snuggle with muscle loss. 

Unfortunately ladies that missing period is not your friend. You NEED your hormones and lets not suppress them. Struggling with Amenorrhea? We can make some changes to get that flow going and get you back to cycling like we are meant to. 

P.S. Are you scared to start it up again due to painful periods? I got you and even you can have a normal cycle!