How to Exercise Throughout Your Cycle

How to exercise throughout your cycle...

This is crucial for us as women. Our cycles are everything. We can use them to our advantage in so many way. @thewomensdietitian lays it out perfectly here.

During your period is a time to rest, yes ladies don’t push through an intense workout. It is the most Yin time of our cycles, honor that. Rest is best at this point, you need to replenish. Learning to rest is hard for many but if you don’t it will deplete you further and screw with your hormones.

The follicular phase (right after your period till ovulation). This is a time to kickass and push yourself, you will preform at your best (this applies to all aspects of life ). This is the time the body builds the uterine lining anf replenishes blood. This is the most yang part of your cycle. We are women, hear us roar!

The Luteal phase, keep moving because it will help ease PMS. Too much exercise or vigorous exercise can increase PMS symptoms. Don’t go crazy and learn to listen to your body.