The Moon, the Stars and Your Cycle

When do you know your cycling properly?

Look to the moon. Most women are in rhythm with it, most bleed on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon but some opposite. This optimizes ovulation and fertility.

Did you know women are most efficient, creative and attractive during ovulation? This is the time in your cycle to make big decisions and moves, to challenge yourself and push to new levels. Women are clear and concise at this time.

So what about when you are bleeding? This is a time for care, to slow down to say no to rest. Basically I am giving you permission to turn inward. Why? We need this rest as women and if we do, we can be power houses the rest of our cycle.

If you tap into your own rhythm, you can reach the highest levels. You need the Yin/Yang in life. It’s is said our periods are our 5th vital sign, what is yours saying?