Vitamins Depleted by Birth Control

Hum, see the pattern here? These are all essential nutrients for every woman. This depletion can wreak havoc on the body causing a multitude of symptoms.

So Katie, birth control is much more harmful then first believed but what are our other options?

1- Practice fertility awareness. This is VERY effective once you get into the rhythm of it. You start to pay attention to when you ovulate, trust me it’s easier than you think. You use caution or protection during your fertile window.

2- Condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms, etc. These are all getting way more advanced and comfortable.

3- If you must be on something try the copper IUD. Use caution though as copper can cause over toxicity and is contraindicated in endometriosis or painful periods.

4- If you are done having babies or are choosing not to, vasectomy’s are wonderful!!